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  Menus and windows are translated, but some in-line help are only in french. 
 Software below runs either stand-alone or in conjunction with programmes written by other people. For these a link is provided to the site where the associated programme can be found. Each of my programs have on-line help and has been tested under Mac OSX 10.5 (ppc); 10.6 and 10.7 (intel). To download a programme click on its icon.

My software is FREE and will continue to stay that way.

Æv-Recorder 3.0(02) is aimed at developers. It's an AppleEvents recorder, improvement of Æv-Utility. An understanding of AppleScript, Apple Events and Cocoa is advisable to make the best use of it.
Countdown solver 2.5(14) This programme finds solutions for the "Countdown" TV game ("Des chiffres et des lettres" in France). The game was invented by Armand Jammot and has been showing on french television for over 30 years. 
FilmoTk 2.0(ß7) Import/Export complementary software to DVDTheque.
With acceptance of its author I introduced FilmoTk into DVDTheque.
DVDTheque does not have to be present for FilmoTk to work.
DVDTheque web page.
Incremental 2.5(03) is an archiving application working in conjunction with CDFinder. It uses CDFindef for the cataloguing, and Finder Burn Folders or Toast for burning archive discs. Incremental will only work with CDFinder, can produce HTML documents containing information about the operations performed.
CDFinder web page
Localise 3.9a(0A) This software is designed to help developers localise their applications. It operates on either files, files contained in a folder or on files contained in folders of an application or an Xcode project. It creates documents that can supplied to translators. Updated for Xcode 4.3.2. Portuguese (Brasil) added.
Repertoire 3.5(62) This application produces HTML files containing a hierarchical representation of the files and folders in a path chosen by the user. Various options for sorting are available. Version 3.5 adds a counting function, a stop button and a small tutorial in the Help menu.
SuckList 3.0(03) can create lists of numerically indexed URLs and drive SiteSucker to download the files in the list. It can also drive SiteSucker using a manually produced list.
SiteSucker web page

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